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3-day high fever should try Blood

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Analysis of the statistics on the situation of child disease in children's Hospital 1, May 6/2009 shows: hand-foot diseases, acute diarrhea, blood clots, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, mumps, eaters are reduced from 27% to 51% compared to January 5/2009. However, due to the cycle of the rainy season, dengue fever increases 30% on visits and 67% of hospitalized cases.

Also according to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, the blood test of the dengue fever pediatric disease is carried out most accurately from the 3rd day of the disease, since the phenomenon of blood and platelets decreases often begins to occur from this time. If the blood test on the first day, or the second day most often did not detect the disease. However, depending on the case the doctor may still specify a blood test earlier to exclude other infectious causes of fever.

As there are children who must try blood on 1-3 times, cause parents to be merciful, according to the Doctor Thanh Hung, this is a completely normal and necessary work in the case of patients with moderate and severe blood-fever. On the 4th, 5th, 6th of the disease, it is necessary to monitor the clinical transformation and the signs of blood in order to make appropriate treatment decisions. The care and monitoring of the clinical progress of dengue fever patients is an important role in early detection and treatment.

According to Dr. Minh Tien, the time to dengue fever remains highly likely, since both domains are rainy season. Therefore, Dr Minh Tien noted parents to make good prevention measures such as mosquito removal, toss, sleeping mosquito (curtain) precautions for children with hemorrhagic fever. In the case of children with fever more than 2 days and manifested as: breakout, cups, cauliflower, delirium, nosebleeds, tooth blood, vomiting blood, black pepper, abdominal pain, cold limbs, lying one place, not playing or neglected , quit eating right in your child to institute.


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