New Hope for children with autism

Scientists conducted investigations on a group of people with ASDs (autism disorder-every 150 boys had a child with a disease). Research subjects are considered to be weak in terms of interoperability, social communication, limited focus ability, as well as frequent repetitive behaviors in life.

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Previously, gene variation in the body had also been alluded to ASDs disease, however the relation was not clearly defined. With the latest research on the structure AND of thousands of volunteers participating, the secret to the etiology of autism is newly opened.

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The largest study was conducted on approximately 13,000 people in the United States, most of them coming from the affected families of the autism disease. In Britain, scientists also conducted an investigation of over 500 people to compare the genomic code when studying the AND structure of volunteers. As a result, these proteins are called "cell adhesive Molecules" – which are essential in the formation of the meninges and the communication method of neurons – the primary causes of autism disorders. Based on this, scientists will probably find the most optimal treatment solution.         


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