Soup should be the main dish in the meal: people need to pay special attention when eating to not be sick

In many countries of the world, soup or soups are considered the main dish on a raspberry as this is a dish prepared with a variety of nutrients, diverse in style and flavor rich. In China, the soup is popular and highly regarded by people when processed, even the dish is indispensable on the wheels of each family.

In winter, some people will be able to maintain their health care better by eating soup. This dish is not only able to improve the body temperature but also can absorb the nutrients inside effectively.

However, for the following special groups of people, if you do not pay attention to the proper feeding, this is the food that can cause unworthy health risks.

A soup dish is considered good for health because the nutritional component is very diverse, combining many food groups, soup often has a combination of greens, fish meat, spices, herbs... Should be able to see the most abundant dish on the rice wheel. But from that diversity it is a potential excess for those with diseases that require nutritional control.

Groups of people should be cautious when eating

1, the person who is gout should not eat many meat, fish

Those who are suffering from gout, the body itself are having purine metabolism disorders in the body, so reduce the amount of this substance in every daily meal.

Purine is a water-soluble substance, mostly with many in seafood and meat when it is ripened, it will dissolve directly in soup and stew or as long as hot pot. For gout patients, try to limit or not eat soup with many seafood, broth or fish soup.

In addition, the amount of fat in the body of this group is relatively high. If you drink plenty of stew water or many greasy containers, will accidentally consume too much grease, which in turn will likely cause complications.

2, fatty and high blood fat should be picked up in soup before eating

When cooking broth or soup, the inner fat will be dissolved directly into the water, increasing the saturated fat. For people with high levels of blood fat and obese people, you should drink less tunnel water. If you like, you can get rid of the floating grease on the bowl, eat the water Chan, should remove fatty water (eg broth noodle soup...).

This group of people should choose soup dishes, mostly vegetable and water, limiting the ingredients of meat, fish or grease. In the diet should choose to drink a lot of vegetable broth because it contains many fiber and vitamins, and the calories are relatively low.

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3, people with diabetes are cautious when eating sweet taste

People with diabetes should not only pay attention to controlling the content of grease and salt while eating soup, but also not to eat too sweet soup.

When you eat soup, you will accidentally add even the part of the soup, which exceeds the necessary starch content, which will increase the concentration of the allowable level, which will produce a higher normal line index.

For patients with diabetes, try to drink less broth, especially sweet soup. If there are sweet potatoes or potatoes in the stew, try to be less. At the same time, it is recommended to limit the main dishes (rice, meat).

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4, people with high blood pressure should control salt and oil

People who suffer from high blood pressure when cooking cultivation should give less salt, at the same time give very little grease when cooking fish, because oil does not only increase fat content but also contain omega 6 fatty acids, directly causing cardiovascular disease.

The specialist recommends that patients with hypertension should choose a sugar-less vegetable juice or green tea, and patients with coronary heart disease and stroke should also choose this simple way of eating.

5, people with stomach acids should not eat soup when the stomach is hungry

For those with many stomach acids, when the abdomen is hungry, it is not recommended to drink fish broth and broth broth of meat stew, otherwise it will promote the secretion of gastric acid. You can eat a little vegetable before the meal then come to eat the fish meat, and also do not eat too much fish meat.

Patients with cholecystitis should not drink too dense stewed broth. This group should control the amount of cholesterol and fat, do not use meat broth stew meats and soup from chicken, and it is important to control the amount of animal protein in each meal.


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