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Soup should be the main dish in the meal: people need to pay special attention when eating to not be sick

In many countries of the world, soup or soups are considered the main dish on a raspberry as this is a dish prepared with a variety of nutrients, diverse in style and flavor rich. In China, the soup is popular and highly regarded by people when processed, even the dish is indispensable on the wheels of each family.

In winter, some people will be able to maintain their health care better by eating soup. This dish is not only able to improve the body temperature but also can absorb the nutrients inside effectively.

However, for the following special groups of people, if you do not pay attention to the proper feeding, this is the food that can cause unworthy health risks.

A soup dish is considered good for health because the nutritional component is very diverse, combining many food groups, soup often has a combination of greens, fish meat, spices, herbs... Should be able to see the most abundant dish on the rice wheel. But from that diversity it is a potential excess for those with disease…