Not only to prevent cancer, eat garlic live bring 5 magic changes: You should take advantage soon!

Garlic has been seen as a noble spice in every family's kitchen cabinet. However, as of later, studies turn published a lot of garlic's effects on health, especially when they are eaten raw, using garlic not through processing.

Almost every family is available garlic, but not everyone knows how to make the most of the effect that garlic brings to health. In fact, garlic is not only a spice to create aroma in many dishes, but also a precious medicine, can cure many types of disease.

Although each reuse has different effects, however, this article shares with you about 6 great effects of garlic when we eat raw.

1. Garlic can destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation

We all know the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic thanks to the pungent flavor that we can smell or feel clear when eating.

Studies have shown that garlic is a good effect in the destruction of viruses, bacteria spread like influenza pandemic, Japanese encephalitis virus, viral hepatitis, Candida, typhoid, Bacillus typhoid , vaginal fungus,... Therefore, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms can be destroyed after you eat garlic.

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2. Garlic can help prevent cancer

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Garlic Survival can help prevent the synthesis of carcinogenic substances and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Garlic contains a large amount of selenium, which can promote the breakdown of peroxide in the body, which reduces the supply of oxygen necessary for melanoma, thereby inhibiting cancer cells to a certain extent, in favor of changing the production environment Cancer.

Meanwhile, when eating garlic also has the effect of preventing the formation and development of leukemia, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and some other type of cancer.

Of course, garlic is only used as an auxiliary component, it can not be used individually alone to fight cancer.

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3. Garlic can be anti-allergenic

During periods of seasonal transition, many people because of temperature changes have appeared allergic symptoms and abnormal skin changes. This is when you can eat raw garlic to reduce allergic reactions, great efficacy.

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What you need to pay more attention, start eating garlic before the allergy season, the prevention effect and prevent the risk of disease will be even better.

4. Garlic can live anti-aging and boost immunity

Raw garlic contains many different substances such as proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals, which help prevent vascular aging and immunodeficiency. At the same time, volatile oil soluble in grease can significantly increase the phagocytic function of macrophages and strengthen the immune system on the entire body.

5. Garlic can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Garlic is originally dubbed the "Scavenge" for the system of blood vessels. Eating garlic can play a good prevention role of vascular garbage. Especially after eating raw garlic, blood lipids, blood viscosity can be reduced to quite a lot, relieving heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhage and other symptoms with very good efficacy.

Not only so, garlic life can help gather anti-platelet, make cardiovascular disease, brain thrombosis and epilepsy will significantly reduce the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. (Of course, garlic is an auxiliary component, the disease still needs medication).

6. Garlic of life can help hypoglycemia

Regular consumption of raw garlic can promote the excretion of insulin, from which the ability to tolerate glucose of the body is improved, will gradually achieve the purpose of helping hypoglycemia.


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