How to check the food you are eating is clean or not

Choose fresh eggs: A simple and popular experiment is done with a glass of water to help you check the freshness of the egg. Drop an egg into a glass of water and observe what happens. If the egg sinks and lies sideways, it is fresh and tasty; If it sinks but stands upright at an angle, the egg is about 1-2 weeks old. And if the egg floats over the water, it's too long to be eaten. When the egg is old, the air will penetrate more through the egg shell, causing the egg to emerge.

In addition, a way to distinguish fresh eggs that are fed in the farm with conventional eggs in a grocery store. Pay attention to the color of the yolks. A farm egg with a dark red color, while the egg yolks in the store will be lighter in color.

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Choose a delicious butter: Let's peel a butter. If peeled easily and have a green part underneath, tasty butter and just cooked to. If the avocado is brown in the stalk, the avocado is ripe and you will see dark spots around the flesh when you peel it. If the stalk is not shed, butter is not ripe to eat.

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Select Watermelon: After the addition of a melon, if you see cracks on its surface, it is better to throw it away. These cracks can be attributed to chemicals that farmers use to stimulate fast-growing watermelon. If eaten, they can cause many serious health problems including poisoning, half vomiting, diarrhea or swelling of the inflammation.

Remove broken son: Make sure that son before the cooking will close the casing tightly. If you see a son with a mouth, tap it lightly. If it closes, it means that it is alive and edible, but if it is still open, throw away because this son is dead. When boiled or steamed, all "tasty" sons open their mouths. If they are not open, they are corrupted.

Choosing non-chemical bananas: Many people find that bananas labeled as organic tend to appear black spots more easily. When picking bananas, avoid grey berries. These bananas are not delicious and their color means they are picked up before being ripe or preserved for too long in the unsuitable conditions. Choose the bananas to be brilliant yellow. Do not avoid bananas with small black spots on the skin because they are completely ripe, with the most delicious aroma and flavor.

Choose shrimp: If you want to buy fresh shrimp, select the original ones because without head, the shrimp may have defrost. Shrimps are generally preserved frozen and have no head transport because the shrimp head contains plenty of fat that can damage the texture of the shrimp in long-term storage. Some features of fresh shrimp include fresh smell of sea, eyes and legs.

Dried fruits: Some manufacturers can add preservatives to make their dried fruits look appealing and prevent color loss. Such fruits can contain dangerous sulfite for health. To avoid that, choose dried fruit with brown or natural gray instead of light and glossy color.

Select the ripe strawberries: if possible, buy strawberries in the place of planting in its season instead of buying strawberries imported, because they are usually picked up before ripening. Let's choose the bright red strawberry and avoid the white spots around because this means that the strawberries are soggy. Do not be afraid to buy ugly shaped strawberries because that does not involve the flavor inside. Even the perfect, beautiful fruit that is bred to grow.

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Butter: Butter is often counterfeit so it's important to get to know them. Butter is naturally made from cow's milk and they are more expensive than alternative products. Butter actually has a natural color, melting evenly while butter is made from vegetable oil leaving the droplets deposited on the surface when melting. Margarine containing fat is also melting faster than butter made from cow's milk.

Removal of dark fungus: The damaged mushroom is very easy to stick on the surface and is darkening. When this process occurs, it causes the fungus to become corrupted rapidly, so it is better to cook mushrooms while still fresh.


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