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How to check the food you are eating is clean or not

Choose fresh eggs: A simple and popular experiment is done with a glass of water to help you check the freshness of the egg. Drop an egg into a glass of water and observe what happens. If the egg sinks and lies sideways, it is fresh and tasty; If it sinks but stands upright at an angle, the egg is about 1-2 weeks old. And if the egg floats over the water, it's too long to be eaten. When the egg is old, the air will penetrate more through the egg shell, causing the egg to emerge.

In addition, a way to distinguish fresh eggs that are fed in the farm with conventional eggs in a grocery store. Pay attention to the color of the yolks. A farm egg with a dark red color, while the egg yolks in the store will be lighter in color.

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Choose a delicious butter: Let's peel a butter. If peeled easily and have a green part underneath, tasty butter and just cooked to. If the avocado is brown in the stalk, the avocado is ripe and you will see dark spots around the fle…

Not only to prevent cancer, eat garlic live bring 5 magic changes: You should take advantage soon!

Garlic has been seen as a noble spice in every family's kitchen cabinet. However, as of later, studies turn published a lot of garlic's effects on health, especially when they are eaten raw, using garlic not through processing.

Almost every family is available garlic, but not everyone knows how to make the most of the effect that garlic brings to health. In fact, garlic is not only a spice to create aroma in many dishes, but also a precious medicine, can cure many types of disease.

Although each reuse has different effects, however, this article shares with you about 6 great effects of garlic when we eat raw.

1. Garlic can destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation

We all know the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic thanks to the pungent flavor that we can smell or feel clear when eating.

Studies have shown that garlic is a good effect in the destruction of viruses, bacteria spread like influenza pandemic, Japanese encephalitis virus, viral hepatitis, Candida, typho…