Sweet potato is "super" great food: Don't forget 5 important tips before eating

Yam is dubbed a "super food"

Sweet potato is the top popular food in the food group but has extremely rich nutritional value, has many great effects for health.

According to the Study of Oriental medicine, sweet potato is sweetened, alkaline, beneficial to maintain the acid balance in the blood.

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Sweet potato contains a large amount of binding protein, polysaccharides, mucus, which helps the body to maintain the flexibility of cerebral and cardiac blood, thereby preventing the occurrence of atherosclerotic disease , good for inhalation, gastrointestinal tract, brings lubrication of the articular cavity.

In addition, Yam contains a large amount of fiber, which can promote intestinal motility, prevent effective constipation and reduce the incidence of rectal cancer and colon cancer.

Moreover, Yam is a dish containing fewer calories, creating a very strong sensation, is a dish can be a main food (eating potatoes except meal) or can do snacks, eat extra meals. Due to the possible feeling of rapid satiety, Yam is the top food that helps you lose weight.

Yam's energy is only 1/3 compared to rice, while containing very little fat and cholesterol. In addition, the sweet potato also contains many fiber and colloidal, which can help to make or prevent the sugars from converting into fat, so you do not have to worry about getting fat when eating potatoes.

Although Yam is a highly appreciated dish, it has been said that this is the best "super food" in the world, but despite this, the dish is not good for everyone. The following are notes when eating sweet potatoes so as not to adversely affect health.

1. Eat potatoes to reduce the main dish

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Sweet potato contains a amount of carbohydrates equivalent to rice, so if you have eaten, it is recommended to reduce the amount of rice eaten during the day so as not to excess starch.

When eating sweet potatoes, the substances in the potatoes will easily produce a large amount of gas in the digestive tract, which can lead to bloating and belching, so if you still eat ordinary rice should only eat about 100-200g sweet potatoes. This will help balance the Good health care.

2. Eat sweet potatoes combined with fruits and vegetables

If you eat only a separate sweet potato, there is insufficient nutritional diversity. Every day when eating sweet potatoes, try to combine edible greens and fruits, foods belonging to the protein group to ensure a full meal. In addition, the combination of sweet potatoes and other food will help you get more than the accompanying health benefits.

For example, when eating potatoes, it is possible to eat more pork, help increase absorption, can promote the absorption of carotenoids fat soluble in fats and vitamin E. When eating potatoes with some salty dishes can adjust the flavor , reduce gastric acid and eliminate the discomfort of the stomach due to gas accumulation.

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3. People with stomach disease should not eat yam, or eat Limited

If eating sweet potatoes when the hunger is easy to irritated gastric acid secretion, affect the digestive function of the stomach. In particular, people suffering from diseases involving the stomach, or who have a weak digestive function, easy to lead to abdominal pain, peptic ulcers, patients with chronic gastritis should avoid eating sweet potatoes so as not to make the sore condition become worse.

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4. The time to eat the best sweet potato is at noon

Because after we eat the sweet potato into the body, the nutrients in the sweet potato, especially calcium need to undergo at least 4 hours new clock can be fully absorbed. When the afternoon has more light, sunny weather will support faster absorption of calcium. If you eat potatoes at noon, it is possible to dark absorb all calcium, not to affect the absorption of food for dinner.

5. How to eat sweet potato is to cook thoroughly

Since the sweet potato has a high starch content, if cooked or eaten raw will cause dyspepsia, food is not fully digestive. Therefore, it is best to cook the main technique. When boiled potatoes, cook with high temperature, to help heat soluble fiber, not only easy to digestion, but also increase the sweetness of sweet potatoes.

It is important to note that the sweet potato must be cooked and thoroughly cooked, otherwise it will not be consumed and will cause discomfort. The most traditional and nutrient-rich way is to cut the sweet potato into pieces and mix with corn or rice, this is a very good way of eating that you should maintain.


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