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Sweet potato is "super" great food: Don't forget 5 important tips before eating

Yam is dubbed a "super food"

Sweet potato is the top popular food in the food group but has extremely rich nutritional value, has many great effects for health.

According to the Study of Oriental medicine, sweet potato is sweetened, alkaline, beneficial to maintain the acid balance in the blood.

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Sweet potato contains a large amount of binding protein, polysaccharides, mucus, which helps the body to maintain the flexibility of cerebral and cardiac blood, thereby preventing the occurrence of atherosclerotic disease , good for inhalation, gastrointestinal tract, brings lubrication of the articular cavity.

In addition, Yam contains a large amount of fiber, which can promote intestinal motility, prevent effective constipation and reduce the incidence of rectal cancer and colon cancer.

Moreover, Yam is a dish containing fewer calories, creating a very strong sensation, is a dish can be a main food (eating potatoes except meal) or can do snacks, eat extra meals.…