Trauma Psychology 12 Teen Thai can meet after being rescued

3 young men of the wild pig team with coaches on 8/7 were rescued from Tham Luang caves. Health and psychological professionals embark on health care for them, while the Thai-afternoon government 9/7 embark on a second-hand rescue campaign. The doctor suggested that victims trapped in the cave over the past two weeks would have to confront a series of psychological problems.

In fact, a lot of days between the tight space is easy to lead to fear, confusion, anxiety, despair for the victims. In particular, in children, the influence of these negative emotions is stronger. "The adult knows the thinking in a more logical direction, and will be rescued. Children are not so ", Ms. Sandy Capaldi, psychotherapist, deputy director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for anxiety treatment and research told CNN.

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Coach of the Thai teenage team and the children trapped in Tham Luang cave. Photo: CNN.

However, the psychological effects of children and adults are quite similar in different ways. Through accidents, 12 boys and coaches are said to be very easy to see nightmares, sleep disturbances, excessive vigilness, difficulty in concentration; thereby increasing the risk of posterior stress disorder.

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"The brain that keeps memories of dangerous situations causes people to be scared and wants to flee every time they come into contact with the darkness, the cold and the confined space. For example, at the elevator, Dr. Peter Lin, a health collaborator of the CBC News explained.

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The post-traumatic disorder was what 33 Chilean miners encountered in 2010 after two months trapped in the cave. Five years have passed, the tests show that their psychological problems have never disappeared. In the case of Thai teen football team and coach, the spiritual recovery time will surely last longer because they are less exposed to the more narrow space than the miner team. In addition, posttraumatic stress in children can lead to mood disorders, anxiety, eating, using stimulants.


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