5 signs that you are aging faster than usual, article 4 lots of people "question"

The scientific world has indicated that the speed of human aging largely depends on the external factor, only 20% of which is having a genetic impact.

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Many scientific studies have also shown that the biological age of 1 has a great influence on their appearance-1 year of biology equivalent to 16.5 months of the calendar. That's why many people of the same age but look older than the other.

Usually after the age of 25, signs of aging on the skin will begin to appear. But because of adverse environmental factors, the work stress that they can appear is early and clearer.

If you find your skin constantly dry with peeling, freckles, wrinkles appear more than you the same age – that's the sign that you're aging early on.

In addition to hormonal problems, the condition of the skin can also be negatively affected by unhealthy lifestyles. A nutritious unbalanced diet-little greens, neglect of sunscreen, work pressure, life-all these factors slow down the process of skin regeneration.

Therefore, experts recommend that you always make sure that the diet is balanced with many greens, berries, eat more foods rich in saturated fats such as vegetable oil, seeds... Drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen regularly, sleep well, periodic skin care... Also 1 of the factors that help slow the aging process in the skin.

The skin around the eyes is very thin so it is vulnerable to rapid aging. And the cause of wrinkles around the eyes can come from many factors such as lack of sleep, tension, strong UV attack...

Puffiness, leg wrinkles is an indication that you look older. The more so long, the eye muscles around the eyes will lose elasticity, ease sagging, creating large puffiness.

To avoid this, experts recommend to sleep early, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and don't forget to take care of the skin around the eyes every day.

If any day you climb the stairs or walk for a long 1 turn or do not need the power to see breathing not to steam, breathing... That shows you're very active. It is also a sign that you are in a disparity between the physical and the age of biology.

The lower the movement, the more muscle mass in the body decreases, and it weakens over time. Therefore, you should choose 1 favorite activities such as cycling, yoga, dancing... To exercise every day, exercise exercises and stress. Besides, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator, which also helps you to get better.

When hormones inside the body have changes that will affect and cause hair loss, baldness... With normal, healthy people, they will fall about 15-20 fibers per day. But if you notice more of your hair, falling in the pinch, plate... After each brush, you need to be really mind.

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That shows your body is 1 strong aging. And to slow down this process, you should add more foods rich in fatty acids, Omega 3 's and always keep the hair from direct contact with the sun for a long time anymore!

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Difficulty sleeping, sleeping without deep sleep, or sleep... Although not the direct cause of aging, it is also related to this. That's because the hormone levels of cortisol in your body increase, causing anxiety during sleep.

Therefore, experts advise that, instead of watching TV, playing games on the phone, watching movies... You should read books, listen to gentle music, soak up hot water... To make it easier to sleep.


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