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5 signs that you are aging faster than usual, article 4 lots of people "question"

The scientific world has indicated that the speed of human aging largely depends on the external factor, only 20% of which is having a genetic impact.

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Many scientific studies have also shown that the biological age of 1 has a great influence on their appearance-1 year of biology equivalent to 16.5 months of the calendar. That's why many people of the same age but look older than the other.

Usually after the age of 25, signs of aging on the skin will begin to appear. But because of adverse environmental factors, the work stress that they can appear is early and clearer.

If you find your skin constantly dry with peeling, freckles, wrinkles appear more than you the same age – that's the sign that you're aging early on.

In addition to hormonal problems, the condition of the skin can also be negatively affected by unhealthy lifestyles. A nutritious unbalanced diet-little greens, neglect of sunscree…