Caution of blood infection when it is convenient to use the eastern medicine

Parents should not use oral medications to treat chickenpox for a child. Photo: TL

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Caution with leaves

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The moment is the "season" of chickenpox. In hospitals not only recorded cases of young children but even adults also have many. In addition to the treatment of Western medicine, no fewer people opt for Oriental medicine for chickenpox to avoid scarring. On a small children's forum, many mothers have transmitted the chickenpox with Mulberry leaves, combined with some other oriental medicinal herbs such as betel grass, licorice... Then sharp get the drinking water. As shared on the Internet, just do it continuously for 2 days the chickenpox will gradually lose.

In this regard, the Chinese Traditional medicine vu, the Vietnamese National Assembly, and the use of medicine pills for chickenpox is still applied but caution is required. Parents should not intend to cut the drug on their own, or use oral medications, when using a doctor's prescription or instructions. According to traditional medicine, chickenpox is caused by heat infringement on the mouth of the bronchi. Mild cases, chickenpox sprouting, mild fever, rarely, nasal juices in dilution, normal eating then the curing method is a thermogenic. Accordingly, many people still communicate that only need a bath of mulberry leaves or a drink of mulberry leaves is cured. But here's something completely wrong. In fact, the medicinal Oriental medicine articles have mulberry leaves to get the drink, but it is necessary to combine many other drugs. For example, the drug consists of strawberry leaves 12g, bamboo leaves 16g, licorice 8g, mint 6g, reed roots 10g, the Bank of 10g, longitude 8g. Excellent drink Day 1 ladder. In addition, Mulberry leaves do not have to keep picking on water heaters to have the effect that should be paid attention when choosing. Leaves need the chopped cake to bring the small Thai, drying in the shade and then new with other herbs to the water for daily.

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In more severe cases when chickenpox grows much, dark purple color, around the nodules of dark red color, high fever, red face, oral mucosa have the same notes... The drug should complement the 8g chain, the stellar star 8g, Dandelion 16g, 12g Economist, 12g Biology, Lien Kieu 8g. Decoction on a split drink 3 times/day. Drink hot after eating 30 minutes.

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DR Truong Huu Khanh, head of the Department of Infection and nerve (children's Hospital I, HCMC) said that chickenpox appears all year round, the time of freezing the number of children is more often. The disease does not have a severe symptom beyond those blisters but can also cause severe complications from skin infections where the vesicles grow to sepsis, encephalitis, even death.

During the course of the medical examination, the doctor met many cases of children with complications caused by many parents who intend to use oriental medicine drugs of unknown origin or to transmit the experience of treatment by carrying a leaf for oral administration , for bathing, especially with stubble. According to the Huu Khanh BS, this is reflective of the science because it is easier to make skin infections. In addition, many people think that, when meeting the water or the wind will become worse. Or vice versa, some people think that the "pimples" will come out quickly. All of this is not true. When the body out of sweat is not cleaned clean causes itching, prone to infection with blisters and scarring. Babies can also fever higher because of the non-draining body heat.

What are the chickenpox?

BS Huu Khanh said, chickenpox caused by Varicella-Zoster virus, there has not been a special remedy that mainly symptomatic treatment, especially itching and avoiding superinfection of the skin. Besides, it is possible to inhibit the development of chickenpox virus.

The most important thing while being chickenpox is to keep the body clean, avoiding the infection of the puffiness that causes dangerous complications. To avoid complications, the person needs to be cleansed rather than take a bath completely as many people think.

Note, people with chickenpox need to bathe quickly, bathe in the wind and avoid strong breakage. After bathing, use clean, dry cloth and wear pants, wide, airy. For children under 3 months of age, children are recommended to visit the medical facility for examination. If the acne infection redness spread around or the body grows more blisters, the fever is too high, eliminating breathing fatigue should go to the medical facility rather than taking a bath of cigarettes or by yourself.

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In parallel with the prevention measures, the diet also plays an important role with chickenpox. According to ThS.BS le Thi Hai-director of the Center for Nutrition Counseling (National Institute of Nutrition), the patient should strengthen nutrition, eat liquid foods, easy pepper, taste, drink plenty of water or fruit juices. Using thermogenic soup from Ru, Sam...

Patients need to avoid hot spicy spices, sticky dishes such as sticky rice, Banh Chung,... Because it can swell, festering more pox nodules. Avoid eating foods that are more oily, spicy hot, have too many supplements, abstinence with hot meats such as chicken, dog meat can make chickenpox more serious; Do not eat seafood by containing more histamine, cause allergies, multiple itching.

DR Truong Huu Khanh, head of the Department of Infection and Neuroscience (children's Hospital I, HCMC) Recommends: "The best way to avoid chickenpox is that people should take vaccination against the disease, regularly wash their hands, carry a small page for children. If the vaccine is already vaccinthủy beans, 80-90% of cases have absolute prevention capability. There may also be cases of chickenpox after vaccination, but these cases are mild, very few nodules and often do not suffer complications. "


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