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Caution of blood infection when it is convenient to use the eastern medicine

Parents should not use oral medications to treat chickenpox for a child. Photo: TL

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Caution with leaves

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The moment is the "season" of chickenpox. In hospitals not only recorded cases of young children but even adults also have many. In addition to the treatment of Western medicine, no fewer people opt for Oriental medicine for chickenpox to avoid scarring. On a small children's forum, many mothers have transmitted the chickenpox with Mulberry leaves, combined with some other oriental medicinal herbs such as betel grass, licorice... Then sharp get the drinking water. As shared on the Internet, just do it continuously for 2 days the chickenpox will gradually lose.

In this regard, the Chinese Traditional medicine vu, the Vietnamese National Assembly, and the use of medicine pills for chickenpox is still applied but caution is required. Parents should not intend to cut the drug on their own, or use oral medications, when using…