6 Toxic signs of liver warning

Pain around the liver

If pain is found in the upper right area of the abdomen is a sign that possible liver is experiencing problems. Usually, it is a dull pain, but also when the pain is intense.

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The work of the liver is detoxifying and helps the body to filter toxins, as well as digestion of food into nutrients. When the liver is sick, it may not be functioning effectively. The liver will swell to make Gibson's Capsule surround the liver (where many nerves are contained) that are stretched, causing pains. And that warning signs of hepatotoxicity are fraught with harmful substances.

Swelling of the legs and ankles

If you do not "decode" the signs that are sent to, the liver leaf still has to save itself, the more scar tissue will cause the liver to work hard, ultimately leading to increased vascular pressure. This is the cause that leads to the subsequent consequence, which is to translate, fluid accumulates in the legs, calf or thighs, causing edema although not aching.

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Weight gain

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More and more people follow the healthy diet, exercise steadily but they still struggle with weight problems. If you feel you gain weight not due to overeating or hoocmon changes, then it is possible that the problem lies in the liver leaf. Visit your doctor to get a checkup and learn about your body's health situation.

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One thing to remember, the liver leaf cannot "settle" all the harmful substances that are introduced into the body (alcohol, artificial sweeteners, fat-rich diets, some drugs...). The only way that the liver can do in this case is to retain toxins, not excreted in adipose cells. This disturbance is the cause of weight gain. Unless you help the liver leaves to overwork your cleansing toxins in the body, then you can lose weight.


Frequent allergies can be a sign that the liver is being overloaded and less effective. When excessive substances are introduced into the bloodstream, the brain detects them as allergens and frees up antibodies and chemicals, causing the body to appear itchy.

If the liver is healthy, then the liver self cleans the harmful molecules in the blood and removes the underlying substance that is allergic to the body.

Yellow skin, yellow eyes

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When the eyes or skin of a person is transformed into yellow, the science calls it a disease of jaundice. Jaundice is not a type of pathology but a symptom that has a malfunction in the system that operates organs in the body. Most often, jaundice appears when the liver is sick, which accumulates too much of the bilirubin-a yellow pigment is formed due to the decomposition of dead red cells in the liver.

When the liver does not remove bilirubin with the old red blood cells, the skin gradually turns yellow.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the same as prolonged influenza. In theory, you will experience symptoms at least 6 months before it can be diagnosed with chronic fatigue. The deep cause is the liver is poisoned.

In addition to detoxification function, the liver also provides energy to the body. The liver helps to transform glucose into glycogen and reserve it for gradual use. When low blood glucose the liver will return to the bloodstream. Thanks to this function, the blood sugar will not be too high or too low. When the body has fallen blood glucose, the liver will resolve the glycogen into the glucose supplied to the body, which helps stabilize the blood glucose.

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A healthy liver leaf converts glucose sugar taken from meals during the day, and secreted the substance necessary when the body has nutritional and energy needs.

But for people with liver disease, the liver can hardly produce glucose and there is little space to reserve energy in the form of sugars. Weak liver, the body is also regularly tired.

It is necessary to abandon the lifestyle of self-destruction itself to return to the healthy way of life, help the liver to have conditions for recovery, self-healing. Some natural foods help strengthen liver function such as green tea, turmeric, lemon juice, fruit and organic vegetables.


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