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Surprisingly, singing karaoke burned calorie horizontal walk

Singing in general and karaoke in particular as well as many other physical activity is a form of mobility that helps you burn excess fat, reduce fat.

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Calories burned will depend on the weight of the person singing, as well as body movements. For example, a 65kg if seated singing will burn 100 kcal for 1 hour, 1 person 90kg will burn about 140 kcal.

But when you get up and dance, dance or combine other instruments, the number of calories burned will increase at least 40 kcal per hour.

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A study published in the scientific journal Folia Phoniatrica

A study from 1986 said that opera singers have larger chest muscles than others, heart health, lung function works better and maintained for the elderly.

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When singing, most of us have to get slightly from the belly, this forces the diaphragm to be more active, increase the amount of gas into the lungs, increase oxygen exchange, promote heart pumping …