In one day, many of the sisters were suddenly ill by a very simple reason

A wide, sudden cold, large legs that are sick

The sun is warm 25-28 degrees suddenly turn cold, heat drops average 5-7 degrees Celsius, cause long legs sick. A lot of sisters go out of the way about the pale face, a headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue. The lightest is also a nose, hoarseness. Worse, it hurts all the shoulders, human pain, fatigue and a crush.

The dresses are beautiful and sexy but the launch of the motorcycle vbuzzing when it is cold makes you prone to colds. Artwork.

According to the Hydrometeorological center of TW, from the morning 30/3 the cold air Division has influenced the northern provinces. The cold air late spring begins with rain, so in the north and the coastal provinces of the north and central China have rain, there are medium rain, heavy rain and scattered clouds...

The plains are sunny, the lowest temperature is 16 to 18 °c, the mountains are 13 to 16 °c, and the mountains are less than 10 °c. Hanoi also has rain and rain showers, the lowest temperature common 16-18 °c.

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Sudden cold that many of you are healthy rolling out sick. The reason for the warm days in front of sunny, sisters in the habit of showing the fashion wings, on the long-distance dresses, short pants, skirt, miniskirt and then jacket, launch motorcycle VAM on the way... The consequences of having sisters suffer from colds, nasal congestion, hoarseness, mass sickness.

According to Liang Y Nguyen Anh Dao (the Army Doctor of Oriental Medicine), the new dresses, short skirts, hugging dresses that you are favored are very sexy, but the effect of serious effects on women's health when it becomes sudden cold. Sisters are mostly motorcycling, so the fashion items that attract the look that wear when it's cold, with the cold wind rain are not good for the health of the beautiful.

Medical professionals warn that women wearing miniskirt are easy to cold, the immune system can decline, which is easy to lead to inflammation. The lightest they are also easy to have colds, flu, colic, sore throats, pain in the twins, Trib... More severe may suffer from sciatica, suffering from gynecological diseases, and diseases such as cystitis, urine urethritis... Because the costume impacts bad health of the wearer.

Long-distance dresses, short skirt or hug usually go combined with high heels when the cold weather (the sky) also affects the knee, flanks, belly, circulatory system... Also makes the body quickly tired and uncomfortable.


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The coldest 2 days of health

Malarial weather at the lowest common temperature of 16-18 °c and as low as 1/4, day-time temperature in Hanoi is only 21 degrees, reduced by about 7 degrees compared to 30/3 days. According to the hydrometeorological houses, this last season is not long, as 2/4 will warm to 25-26 degrees. But in the 2 most days (Night 31/3 and 1/4 days) you need to stay healthy, because when there is a good "cause", foreign beings are hard to penetrate.

Although they have a short skirt, a hug, a long-sleeved shirt and a thin socks, then in 2 days the temperature is low, the beautiful "sacrifice" reduces the sensual, youthful of modern fashion suits to avoid illness.

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-Cold day out in the way you need the scarf, wearing warm head, neck.

-Most importantly women need to eat enough substance, do not eat cold because of the easy penetration. Eat enough fresh vegetables every day, or replenish the multivitamin tonic to ensure the body is always nutritious.

-Wear glasses, put on your way to crowded, go to the street. The reason is that the eyes are very easy to infect the viruses, especially when exposed to a person with colds. Avoid direct contact with people who are sneezing, runny nose.

-Exercise, advocacy, regular physical activity will help to heat the body and blood circulation, avoid fatigue and an energy infection. The workout also helps the body to drink more water – helps purify the body, removes toxins, viruses, solder easily and also helps the immune system to work actively, preventing colds and illnesses.

Anti-colds Tips

-When a sign of runny nose, cough, mild fever, tear... was colds, flu. Please consult your doctor for timely medication.

-The fashion of cold weather, when it comes to eating chicken soup (chicken bone stew or pork), add some vegetables to provide more vitamins, minerals to the body, help with gas welding, or cold Mau lui, fast recovery. It is recommended to add less turmeric, cinnamon, peppers, ginger to accelerate the metabolic rate.

The salty taste of the bone and hot soup soothes the sore throat. Hot steam helps clothe nose.

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-Brandy, honey and lemon drink to resist a good burning sensation.

-A garlic juice per day helps with anti-virus, antibacterial and influenza-sensitive bacteria.

-Garlic and onions can be cured cold. Freshly crushed garlic will secreted Allicin-powerful antibacterial agents only appear when garlic is crushed (not heated).

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-Frequent hand washing with antibacterial soap for effective flu prevention, avoiding viral spread.


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