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In one day, many of the sisters were suddenly ill by a very simple reason

A wide, sudden cold, large legs that are sick

The sun is warm 25-28 degrees suddenly turn cold, heat drops average 5-7 degrees Celsius, cause long legs sick. A lot of sisters go out of the way about the pale face, a headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue. The lightest is also a nose, hoarseness. Worse, it hurts all the shoulders, human pain, fatigue and a crush.

The dresses are beautiful and sexy but the launch of the motorcycle vbuzzing when it is cold makes you prone to colds. Artwork.

According to the Hydrometeorological center of TW, from the morning 30/3 the cold air Division has influenced the northern provinces. The cold air late spring begins with rain, so in the north and the coastal provinces of the north and central China have rain, there are medium rain, heavy rain and scattered clouds...

The plains are sunny, the lowest temperature is 16 to 18 °c, the mountains are 13 to 16 °c, and the mountains are less than 10 °c. Hanoi also has rain and rain showers, the lowest temperature c…