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How much vitamin C should one day drink?

In case of need of vitamin C supplement, you should only use in doses of 45mg vitamin C/day for adults, children are 40mg.

In case of cure, then depending on the disease that fixed the quantity but also should only be from 400-600mg/day, can be up to 1g/day but not used for long periods. For the following reasons:

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-Risk of kidney stones: in the small intestine, vitamin C is rapidly absorbed. When saturated, the excess amount will be excreted in the urine very quickly. If every day you take 1g of vitamin C for a long time, there will be a risk of kidney stones.

-Prone to stalking, vomiting: The toxicity of vitamin C is very low but excessive drinking can cause the person to have a sensation in the person who is radiant, nausea.

-People with severe pain in the stomach: if you are suffering from a peptic ulcer that drinks a lot of vitamin C may cause a raging stomach pain that causes you severe pain.

-Hemorrhage: For women with moderate abortio…