6 ways to lose weight strange but effective

Smell apples, bananas and spearmint: Research proves, smell these scents help you reduce the feeling of hunger. That's because they generate brain deception signals to think that the body is consuming food.

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Breakfast more dinner: According to reader's Digest This is the conclusion of a study to follow up group of obese women consuming 700 calories at breakfast, 500 calorie lunch and 200 calories at dinner and another group eat similar food but consume only 200 Calorie breakfast and 700 calories dinner. After 13 months, the breakfast lot fell 6 kilograms, while those who had little breakfast dropped only 3 kilograms.

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Pre-dress Mirrors: A study that suggests that preeating mirrors cuts 1/3 the amount of food consumed. The mirror will remind you to control the diet that the weight loss goal has set.

Scented candle lighted after dinner: the aroma of the candles decreases dessert cravings. 160 volunteers who performed this method reduced an average of 2 kilograms.

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Use blue: Researchers have found that blue makes food less appealing. If eaten in a blue room, you can reduce the consumption of 33% of food. To limit the aperture, you can eat with blue discs, wear green shirts or use blue tablecloth. In addition, you should avoid red, yellow and orange tones because they stimulate dietary needs.

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Turn on bright lights: restaurants often use low light to create a romantic atmosphere, while making it easier for you to consume more food as they reduce their appetite during dining.


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