9 Unusual signs of illness warning body

Every minute, every day, by one way or another, the body always announces what it needs and does not need. Sometimes there are signals that indicate some serious health problems we ignore. If you're listening to your body, you can keep your actual health up-to-the-counter.

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Here are some unusual signs of your body that you shouldn't ignore, according to Boldsky.


Fish appetite

This sign may be due to your body being deficient in iodine. Eating seafood can provide iodine to the body. But you should also go to the doctor to be the most obvious check.

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Cravings for Salads

Salads are very good dishes for the body. If there is a long cravings for this dish, then this is a warning sign you are having liver problems or gastritis.

Sour appetite

If you experience liver problems or gall bladder, you have a feeling of craving for sour food regularly. Drinking lemon juice and cranberry juice is very good for this condition.

Savory appetite

Some studies indicate that inflammation in the body can make you crave salty foods. Consult a doctor if this condition lasts.

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Craving sweets

When blood sugar is too low, you can crave sweets. Try honey and consult your doctor so your blood sugar level is balanced.

Gum Bleeding

When the body lacks vitamin C, the gums can bleed. Garlic, fruit and greens, lemon juice can help to improve this condition.

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Potassium and magnesium deficiency cause you to lose sleep and sleep unwell. Eat more leafy greens, turnips, apricots, almonds and nuts to improve your sleep.

Dry skin

If the skin is peeling, dry with no reason, then the body may be deficient in vitamin E. Consume fish oil and nuts to improve your skin.

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Nails, crispy hair

When the body is deficient in vitamin B or calcium, nails and hair can become brittle. Consume milk, legumes, cereals and potatoes so that the body is fully loaded with these micronutrients.


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