"The Elixir" of instruments nearly 100 years old still going to forest, sewing

Poor but longevity

A day early spring, on a business trip through Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province, when stopping drinking water at a small street, unintentionally we were told about the village of Truong Tho at the foot of Mount Muong slow. According to the disclosure of the people here , although life here is incredibly poor, the number of people living over 100 years old is very much. And the mystery that brings that magic to many is said to be the habit of feeding the pee of the people, the tree is dubbed the "peculiar Flower" at the gate of the heavens.

Located about 20km from the center of Tan Lac District, but to get into the valley of Van is also about the hilly hills with many very terrible sleeves. It took a long while on the motorcycle through the soaring slopes we arrived in. Surrounded by high mountains, the valley appears to be a crinable in a valley, almost separate from the outside world.

Located at an altitude of 1,200 metres above sea level, it is a poor commune in the Tan Lac district and is almost isolated from the world outside due to its alpine surroundings and the road is difficult. Therefore, the trade is hardly so much in the daily diet of people here most are things available from nature or things that are cultivated by the people themselves.

In the valley all year round is covered in mountains and haze, it is also known as the Valley of the clouds. This place is like the "Fairy Penglai" by the charm of the earth and the heavens. Besides the beauty, it is also known as the "Valley of Longevity". Referring to the life story of the people in Valley van Commune, Mr. Dinh Thanh Cao, chairman of the old People's society said: "The commune is less than 400, but there are nearly 60 high-life tools (aged 80 and over), and the instruments from 70 to below 80 are hundreds of people. The longest-living people in this land were recorded as Dinh Thi Kieu, SN 1897 and lost 2/2011, aged 115 ".

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But the surprising thing he reveals is that, although the number of people is so high, most of the stuff here still maintains a tough health, 90-100 years old but can still help the child to be a daughter , house cleaning, even trekking.

100 years old is still healthy, introspection

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After a few stories, seemingly unconvinced, he stood up suggesting that we visit the home of several instruments at a "rare age", which was first to visit the tool Bui thi Ón in the bezel.

When we arrived, our eyes are a grandmother sitting next to a stove with hands that are lunge every needle, and the nose is fast. If you are not introduced before the 102 age tool, we only dare to guess the age of 90. Although the chestnut skin is wrinkled over time, the instrument is still very clever and has bright eyes.

After the greeting, the tool is laughing, and then thodine to the buttons for the grandchild, the tool said, "I sat at home doing nothing but bored, seeing what was done is to help you. You don't see the limbs loose. A few years ago I went to my daughter, but my child found it too old to leave. I'm just working in my house now. Every day I eat myself, living without having to help. "

"Here 80-90 years old is not a rest age, most people want to add their legs, add their hands to help their children in their home. Do not go to the heavy work, also grandchildren, the work in the House as Cook bran for pigs, take care of chickens, ducks ", the tool for more.

Farewell, we are looking for the tool to show blanket, 96 years old in the Pò. See us, we are invited to the water house and chat: "In this poor country, the weather is not favorable, so the year has only implanted a rice crop, the heavens are eaten and the flood is considered as losing white. So we are often on the forest of vegetables, coconut vegetables... Especially those that are diabetic flying to eat. When you go to forest that thirst, take water below the drinking stream. "

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From the old till now, the Muong people in the valley of van still believe that they have great health is from the urethra flies. It is a tree that grows wild, sticking to the cliffs or the ancient trees. This type of leaf is used to boil drinking water, soak corn wine and cure medicine. Many people who have a habit of getting to the daughter also have to prepare a water-bearing bay to drink. This water is strange, although Labour is hard to drink, but getting tired is hard.

"A multi-use, used as a medicinal medicine, when it is anti-hunger, anti-thirst. According to the word through the generations of the land of Muong, this particular herb helps us live longevity between the mountains of pig forest, poor place of the cloud, "the instrument of Dinh thi Blanket said.

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"The Elixir" is on the verge of killing

To learn more about the herb is preferred by people in Muong and think it is the secret to live longevity, we find the old quarter (age 76), a voice priest in the region. Mr. ONG said: "In addition to the use of drinking water daily, the diabetes mellitus in Oriental medicine is also used quite commonly to treat some diseases such as nephrotoxicity, blood care, back pain , joint pain... As the urethra flies easy to find and the use is simple, we also often give medicine to the sick. "

According to his precious description: "The flying plants often cling to rocks or other ancient trees such as the sturgeon. It looks like a tapioca trunk with a leaf-like stem, and the stems and leaves can be used. Take the plant to shave clean shell, wash 2, 3 times the water and sliced thin, dry, boil water then drop in. The water of the urethra is red, sweetness is cool, boil to the second water, the third is the most delicious, by the time will appear fragrant Thoang occasionally. That said, but to identify this plant is also quite difficult because it looks like many other trees in the forest. So when we go grab we have to watch carefully from the leaves to the torso and tuber ".

Also according to this teacher, in addition to the use of drinking water and decoction of drugs, it is also used to soak alcohol with the treatment of arthritis very well. Say the passage, you like to remember and go to the wine House and the bottle is soaked with pee to invite guests. "On this in the winter is usually very cold so if drinking a bowl of diabetic wine will have the effect of keeping the body heat. Or use the champagne to squeeze the bruised, very effective sprains, "he said more.

However, it is worth saying that today, the pee flies are becoming rare by traders who are hunting for destruction. "Since knowing many of the great uses that the pee flies bring, many of the bottom-swept traders have been diving up here," he said, "the purchase was clean. They bought fresh for 200,000 VND/kg. So the people in the competition area go to the forest for a pee fly on sale. A few years back here, the pee flies are slowly becoming scarce, having to delve into the forest of the new garment. If not, the whole week did not earn this plant. "

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In addition to the effect is attributed to the "spirit of flying", more importantly, people here have a pure, pristine life. Everyone was peaceful in a floor, without the calculations, Bon Chen, racing more damage to the outside society. Therefore, the valley is also known as Muong slow because the life of the people here is always slow, mail drop.

Explaining the longevity of the instruments in the valley of the van, he said: The pee flies themselves have many good uses for the body. The long-term use of enuresis in conjunction with hand-foot Labor will help the body become supple. Therefore, when it was not difficult to get caught in the season at the age of 80, 90 was still wearing a broken head.


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