3 foods that do not cooked too thoroughly to avoid danger

According to nutritionists most of the unprocessed natural foods are rich in nutrition – unless you turn them into unwell due to improper processing or in addition to the unsuitable ingredients.

That is why there are foods that do not cooked too thoroughly will be better for health.

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1. Thoroughly fried meat

It is possible to say fried meat dish so many ages like to eat because the flavor of fried meat is very fragrant because it combines the seasoned spices. However, as we fry this meat thoroughly, it is beginning to turn it into a healthy food dish.

According to nutritionists when the oil is heated to fry thoroughly, the chemical changes will take place: fatty acids are weakly oxidized, antioxidants such as vitamin E are ruined and free radicals that cause cell damage will form.

Fried meat too thoroughly also create trans fatty acids, which can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, and make protein in the form of Acrolein chicken, a carcinogen will cause this lean protein to be extremely multi-calorie dish when it is "soaked" in fried oil.

However, health experts said, in temperatures of 200 – 300 degrees Celsius, amino acids, creatinine, sugars and harmless compounds in the flesh will occur chemical reactions, which form the amino acid aromatic. In this substance contains up to 12 types of chemical compounds, of which 9 are capable of causing cancer. And those who eat most of the meat thoroughly are at risk of developing malignant tumors than the least-eaten ones up to 70%.

S Kristin Anderson, Minnesota Community UNIVERSITY Public Health, who performed the subject, said: "Red, grilled and roasted meats can produce carcinogenic compounds such as acrylamides and heterocyclic amines. These carcinogenic substances do not "appear" when ning or undoing meat. "

DR. Anderson said: "We can't say with certainty that the risk will increase as a result of eating all kinds of carcinogenic meats. However, people who like to eat fried meat or spin should reduce heat or turn off fire as soon as cooked dishes, just enough to destroy the bacteria. "

2. Sweet potato 

Sweet potato is a lot of people who like very good and rich in nutrients, good vitamins for heart such as vitamins B6, C and D, as well as magnesium, iron and beta-carotene. It is also rich in fiber and natural sugars that provide energy.

However, according to nutritionists the frying or frying pans on the hot pan are ways not advised. Because this fry also increases the calorie content of sweet potatoes, and the high temperature when frying causes nutrients to be destroyed. If salted, it also becomes more salt food that will not be good for young children and people with hypertension.

The amino acids, proteins and enzymes digestive in the yam will almost be retained when processed by boiling and steamed method. It should also be noted that, should not boil or steamed yam too thoroughly because of the lost nutrients. You also need to remember that it is not recommended to eat sweet potatoes because it is prone to diarrhea.

It is recommended to limit the use of sweet potatoes to stir fry dishes because when it is, digestive enzymes will be destroyed, and the proteins that will be combined with grease will turn into a very difficult digestive substance leading to abdominal, indigestion.

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3. Greens

Many families who have a habit of eating vegetables must also cook new tasty and sweet. However, boiled vegetables until steamed, or baked until dry vegetables or burns can seriously destroy the nutritional content of vegetables.

When we cook vegetables too much heat will destroy vitamins and mineral salts in food. If cooking vegetables too thoroughly, you will have a very poor nutritional dish, which loses the nutrients that have the fruit.

According to vegetable nutrition Specialists There are many vitamins that are sensitive to heat. Especially vitamin C, which is easy to oxidize, when exposed to heat. According to calculations, if the duration of vegetable cooking is too long, the amount of vitamin C in vegetables can take up to 60%.

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The best way to get green vegetables is just enough steamed. Stir-fry is also a good way to fast vegetable dishes.

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For microwaves is also good, but remember to set the short time to preserve nutrients as well as the brittleness of vegetables.

When cooking vegetables, the mother can add to a little vinegar, which is very beneficial for the preservation of vitamins.


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