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3 foods that do not cooked too thoroughly to avoid danger

According to nutritionists most of the unprocessed natural foods are rich in nutrition – unless you turn them into unwell due to improper processing or in addition to the unsuitable ingredients.

That is why there are foods that do not cooked too thoroughly will be better for health.

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1. Thoroughly fried meat

It is possible to say fried meat dish so many ages like to eat because the flavor of fried meat is very fragrant because it combines the seasoned spices. However, as we fry this meat thoroughly, it is beginning to turn it into a healthy food dish.

According to nutritionists when the oil is heated to fry thoroughly, the chemical changes will take place: fatty acids are weakly oxidized, antioxidants such as vitamin E are ruined and free radicals that cause cell damage will form.

Fried meat too thoroughly also create trans fatty acids, which can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, and make protein in the form of Acrolein chicken, a carcinogen will cause this …