Young constipation, large delays because of excess calcium

Ms. Hoa said recently wanted the 2-year-old son and achieved the best height, she drank her milk with additional calcium. She also supplemented vitamin D to increase the absorption of calcium, while feeding on more cakes and calcium-enhancing foods. Ms. Hoa does not suspect this causes the side effects of anorexia and constipation.

Similarly, Ms. Binh (Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi) was also surprised when the nutritional physician reported a delay in growing the height of a girl's 5-year-old sister could have been excessive calcium supplementation.

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"My wife and I were both low and afraid I would be dwarfs, trying to drink a lot of milk, combined with taking calcium supplements to develop good height," she was revealing. However, when taking children to visit because of the slow weight gain and increase in height, she was explained by the doctor: the addition of excessive calcium made premature young bones and reduced the likelihood of developing a child's height.

Dr. Vu Thi Thuy Lan, head of the Green Pine Clinic (Center for Research, Training and community development) said that calcium has an important role for parts of the body such as bones, nervous system, muscles and immune system... For bone, calcium is the most important ingredient, accounting for about 70% of bone weight. In children, calcium deficiency will make the bone small, weak, young slow large, low in height, suffer from rickets, slowly growing teeth or irregular.

For the nervous system, calcium is involved in the operation of the pituitary gland, which guarantees the transmission of information between neurons together and between neurons with other cells. Therefore, when young calcium deficiency often has manifestations: night sleep or startled and harassing, easy to irritable, sweat burglar, hair loss.

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For muscle, calcium has an important role for the movement of muscles, heart muscle and smooth muscles. Deficiency of calcium weakens, slows down, affects the function of blood transfer of the heart muscle, causing poor digestive status, loss of appetite, bloating, constipation.

For the immune system, calcium is involved in the destruction of the causative agents of the pathogen entering the body, which increases the body's immunity. Children who lack calcium often suffer from poor immune infections.

According to the Lan doctor, even though calcium plays an important role with the body but does not mean as much supplementation as possible. Excess calcium causes not less serious consequences such as:

-Causes inhibition of absorption of other substances such as iron and zinc.

-Overload of kidneys, decreased renal function in the long-term causes ureter stones, kidney stones, kidney calcification.

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-Calcium chemical arteries, atherosclerosis.

-Cause fatigue, poor appetite, constipation.

-Causing disorders of calcium in the blood, arrhythmia.

Dr. Thuy Lan noted, if you have the signs of excess calcium below, parents must immediately stop the supplement and should give me a visit:

-Constipation, abdominal pain, fatigue, nausea, anorexia.

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-Bone pain, muscle pain.


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-Thirst, urination, many, urinating the gravel, urinating blood.

Babies may be prescribed as a calcium-quantitative urine test to determine.

Proper calcium supplementation for babies

Doctors recommend, if the child does not have excess signs or deficiency of calcium, the best addition is through food. Calcium-rich foods are copper crabs, fresh, shrimp, fruit, snails, fresh fish, bean shells... These foods provide organic calcium that is easily absorbed. Some calcium vegetables such as coriander, rustic, celery.

Want to absorb calcium should have vitamin D. To get enough vitamin D, the body must be taken from food, sunshine and oral supplements. Foods rich in vitamin D include animal liver, egg yolks, salmon, cheese, mushrooms...

Some cases of poor calcium absorption require oral supplementation, parents should give the child a visit to the doctor to advise and evaluate the child's appetite. The word determines whether the child has an unusual calcium or other micronutrient and specifies the appropriate dosage.


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