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Mistakes when drinking water

1. Prefer to drink water in plastic bottles

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The compact bottles are often loved by their teen. But beware, plastic bottles made from polyester can be harmful to the body when experiencing high temperatures as long as they are not produced in accordance with the norm. To ensure safety, it is best to drink water by glass beaker or specialized water tank with adequate certification of food safety and hygiene.

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2. Do not thirst for drinking water

Most of us drink water when it is thirsty, even thirsty to the neck fire, when the amount of water in the body has been lost by 1%. This habit is not good for health. Water is not merely a drink for refreshment but it also "interferes" with the metabolism of the body. Long-term water shortages can lead to tired body condition, exhaustion and high risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water often regardless of thirst or not, to help the body to refill the required w…