Tilapia hot pot, physiological firearm

Calculation of nutritional components 100g of perch is eaten with protein 20, 3g, Fat 1, 5g, calcium 26, 0mg, Phosphorus 131, 2mg, Iron 0, 03mg and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, PP. Here are some medicinal dishes and how to get processed from the tilapia.

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It is necessary to treat the headache, dizziness: raw materials including the bronze Fish 3-5, vegetables need 50g, add veggies, tomatoes, banana flowers, herbs. The easiest way to make it is that the fish are skillfully filtered with lean meat marinated with turmeric, onions, pepper garlic ripe pineapple. Boiled fish sauce for fresh water and salted fish, when eating rice noodles add onions, cilantro, fish, chili, pepper after using the broth, eat a few weeks.

Perch, low-timid vegetables with fatigue: raw materials include 3-5 bronze fish, the 150g vegetable. Processing: boiled perch or grilled with meat, fish broth and puree filter for boiling vegetables, add the lotus, and the skull spices ginger sauce salt just enough cooked soup.

Tilapia lettuce (hypokalemia): Raw materials include a 3-5 baby, lettuce, fish 100g, lettuce, cilantro, and basil. Processing: Grilled perch, or remove vegetable wrapped meat with tomato sauce at a few weeks.

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See more: Health is gold

Tilapia-Herb in a golden dam: The material is composed of Dong Fish 3-5, vegetable, 150g. Processing: Grilled perch to remove meat, chopped fish bone filtered to get enough water, Thai spinach added soup with salted sauce.

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Mung bean herring porridge for children with hot slow heat: raw materials include 3-5 fish, green beans 100g, tasty rice 100g. How to: boiled or grilled tilapia, remove 100g non-oil onions for aromatic, cooked porridge for salted fish with spices.

Tilapia cooked with allergic rhinitis: raw materials include the bronze Fish 3-5 about 200g, the leaves. Processing: Boiled tilapia Removes the aromatic pork, fish boiled water and herring bone to get the boiling water, then let the leaf add ginger, onion tomato spices just enough to boil through the bowl to eat.

Checkered fish hot pot with low physiological back pain: Raw material includes bronze fish 3-5 children 200g, cotton shot 100g, can add bean sprouts, celery, cilantro, tomatoes, vegetable, herbs. Processing: Tilapia cleaned, hotpot water cooked pork bone for chili peppers, onions freshly cooked water to cook vegetables.

Vegetable perch is very slow to cure many retarded sweating: raw materials include the 3-5 bronze perch, vegetable 100g. Processing: Grilled perch with meat, non-aromatic, fish bone filter to get water, vegetables to wash, and add cooked salted sauce.


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