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Tilapia hot pot, physiological firearm

Calculation of nutritional components 100g of perch is eaten with protein 20, 3g, Fat 1, 5g, calcium 26, 0mg, Phosphorus 131, 2mg, Iron 0, 03mg and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, PP. Here are some medicinal dishes and how to get processed from the tilapia.

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It is necessary to treat the headache, dizziness: raw materials including the bronze Fish 3-5, vegetables need 50g, add veggies, tomatoes, banana flowers, herbs. The easiest way to make it is that the fish are skillfully filtered with lean meat marinated with turmeric, onions, pepper garlic ripe pineapple. Boiled fish sauce for fresh water and salted fish, when eating rice noodles add onions, cilantro, fish, chili, pepper after using the broth, eat a few weeks.

Perch, low-timid vegetables with fatigue: raw materials include 3-5 bronze fish, the 150g vegetable. Processing: boiled perch or grilled with meat, fish broth and puree filter for boiling vegetables, add the lotus, and the skull spices ginger sauce salt just eno…