Urinary tract inflammation-mild illness without mild

Inflammation of the urinary tract is a disease that can occur for all ages, females are more than male. The disease is not serious if treated early, but without timely treatment, the infection may spread to the kidneys and cause blood infection, causing a lot of dangerous complications

What causes the disease?

In addition, according to the Oriental Medicine, when too welding or overheating is also the cause of inflammation of the urinary tract. This explains why, in hot summer or dry season, the incidence of urinary tract inflammation is higher than every season of the year.

Symptoms are extremely, complications are also not less

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Referring to urinary tract inflammation, perhaps minor, urine is the most obsessive symptom. The feeling of "feeling up to the mind", hardly miserable whenever urinating makes the sick only want to heal as quickly as possible. In addition, other symptoms such as a dull high fever, which forms a bout and lasts more than 5 days, or abdominal pain under the waist, under the navel... Also the basic signs of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. For severe cases, the urinary discharge of pus appears due to excessively severe inflammation and hematuria due to the damaged urinary tract mucosal surface.

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Due to inflammation of the urinary tract can lead to unexpected complications should follow medical experts, it is necessary to treat the disease within 24 hours when symptoms appear by infection, bacteria will produce very quickly , infiltration of the bladder, causes infection of the kidneys, septicemia, and causes heavy consequences.

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Is the antibiotic enough?

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Most often, when inflammation of the urinary tract, the patient often uses topical antibiotic therapy. However, the habit of using antibiotics is insufficient doses, suggesting that no further ingestion is also the cause of the disease, and an increased risk of recurrence of the disease. Then, vicious circle: urinary tract inflammation – antibiotics – inflammation of the urinary tract – more severe antibiotic-urinary tract inflammation. Will cause the body to become tired, affecting other balances in the body.

"The system is uninformed."

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For the effective treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, it should be based on two main principles: making the urinary tract to quickly solve the unpleasant sensation of the minor, urine, then destroy and remove bacteria from the body. From ancient antiquity, the progenitor needle was known for the diuretic effect to help wash away the pathogenic bacteria on the urinary tract surface, reduce the symptoms of urine, minor pumpkin. Moreover, the manuscript needle also has the effect of thermal, detoxification and rapid cooling should be very effective in cases of inflammation of the urinary tract (hot in) for which antibiotic therapy is ineffective.

Food of the urinary function contains honeysuckle, progenitor ImmuneGamma,®, which is a unique product derived from natural medicinal herbs, which can support the treatment of inflammation of the urinary tract in any case, helps to rapidly alleviate symptoms such as urine burning , urine only after 1 to 2 days of use and preventing effective recurrence.

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