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Urinary tract inflammation-mild illness without mild

Inflammation of the urinary tract is a disease that can occur for all ages, females are more than male. The disease is not serious if treated early, but without timely treatment, the infection may spread to the kidneys and cause blood infection, causing a lot of dangerous complications

What causes the disease?

In addition, according to the Oriental Medicine, when too welding or overheating is also the cause of inflammation of the urinary tract. This explains why, in hot summer or dry season, the incidence of urinary tract inflammation is higher than every season of the year.

Symptoms are extremely, complications are also not less

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Referring to urinary tract inflammation, perhaps minor, urine is the most obsessive symptom. The feeling of "feeling up to the mind", hardly miserable whenever urinating makes the sick only want to heal as quickly as possible. In addition, other symptoms such as a dull high fever, which forms a bout and lasts more than 5 days, o…

Tips to repel your eating habits

Here are some tips to help you control the situation:

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-Mobility and work so that you don't feel bored

-Reduce stress and anxiety with methods such as meditation, walking, resting...

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-Avoid risks or situations that can make you eat uncontrollable

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-Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and prevent the intake of

-The "Super Express Diet" mode makes it easier for you to get hungry and eat more then, so consider your diet to avoid excessive eating

-Maintain 3 main meals and 2 extra meals per day

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-Dining diary will help you to control your eating habits

-Lack of sleep easily makes you eat uneasy because when the body tries to seek energy to keep alertness. So make sure you get enough sleep every day.