Baby 1 is almost dead for falling to the river

23/9 pm, I entered emergency at Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital in coma, fever, shortness of breath, systemic seizures, severe pneumonia. My relatives said that the house is along the river, people are working, remember, you don't see me nowhere else to look up and find a grandchild in the river.

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The health of the child has passed critical and treatment, special care.

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Doctors of the hospital said that drowning in children occurs a lot, causing consequences for heartache. Only in the geographical table from mid-11/2012 to mid-January 8/2013 occurred 27 deaths of 36 people, including children and students. Therefore, parents with young children need to watch for their grandchildren, avoiding the unfortunate incident.

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Drowning victims often do not breathe due to water entering the lungs, so when taken ashore then have to steep the person up or set lying sideways to the side, lower head and pressed sharply into the abdomen to give water in the mouth , throat, lungs discharge. Take off the victim's clothes and breathe artificial respiration-this is a very important thing between life and death. If palpation of the arteries in the neck do not see the dam, quickly massage the heart outside the chest.


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