7 habits to avoid after eating

Nutritionists on The Health site listed seven things not to do after eating:

1. Fruit Dessert

Usually after each meal, many people like to sip some fruit desserts. This is a habit that is harmful to health.

The researchers explained, food after putting on the stomach will have to save from one to two hours of new digestion done. At this the stomach is right stretch to accommodate food. If during this "peak" period, you continue to eat more fruit that will add a burden to the stomach. Moreover in the fruit composition contains a large number of acids, sugars, glucose, fructose, starch... Increasing the stagnation of the digestive organs.

Moreover, in fruits such as grapes, oranges, tangerines, pears... Contains many Plavon. This substance is easily resolved by the intestinal bacterium to tioxianic acid to inhibit the function of the thyroid gland, in the long-term will cause illness in this gland. Therefore it is best to eat fruit after meals from 2 to 3 hours, after the food in the stomach is most digestive.

2. Stay

"Tummy Tuck" is a familiar saying that refers to the condition after eating, usually everyone feels sleepy, accompanied by a feeling of tightness. This is explained by the time that, the amount of blood raised is largely focused on the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is significantly reduced. It is this reason that the brain and other organs are "sleepy".

However, if eaten immediately, the brain will fall into an inhibitory state, which enfalls according to the discontinuation of the whole body, including the digestive system. The food consequence is not thoroughly digestive, even food leftover in the digestive organs is attacked by bacteria that cause diseases of the stomach, intestinal tract.

3. Strong mobility

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Intense movement after eating is easy to lead to stomach ache. By the time between 1 and 3 hours, blood must be poured out on the digestive organs for the "handling" of food. When it is active during this period, forcing the blood to allocate more to the muscle, leading to insufficient blood for the digestive organs, affecting the energy of the stomach, it is easy to cause stomach pain.

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4. Tobacco smoking

Clinical studies show, after eating, the blood circulation process increases rapidly. If smoking is right during this time, the extremely large amount of harmful substances in the tobacco will penetrate into the bloodstream faster and 10 times more than normal. This prolonged condition can cause dysfunction of the stomach, inhibit the functioning of the pancreas and cause diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular, stomach.

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5. Drinking tea

If you have a hobby to sip hot tea after eating rice, wait 30 minutes and then drink. Because in the composition of tea with tannins into the stomach will combine with proteins, vitamins B1 and iron in food forming compounds that are difficult to absorb. In addition, tannins and theocins are found in teas that inhibit the excretion of fluids and intestinal fluids, which are not good for digestion.

6. Reading

In the period of 1 to 3 hours, blood must be poured out on the digestive organs for the "handling" of food. If the reading is right in the moment, the blood will be mobilized on the eyes, which reduces the function of the stomach, on the other hand when the blood is focused insufficient to the eye activity can reduce vision, easy to cause eye diseases.

7. Bathing

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The process of palm when bathing will make blood vessels in dilated skin, blood circulation strong to the limbs so the amount of blood to be in the digestive organs and visceral will decrease. This condition makes the digestive process stagnate, adversely affecting the stomach.


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