Near the age of anesthesia after being cut off

Pediatric housing in Tay Ninh was brought to the Children's Hospital 2 (HCMC) in the state of apricots. The cause is then determined by the doctor as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

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According to Pediatric hospital Doctors 2, the child is transferred from Tay Ninh General Hospital last weekend when neglected, skin pallor, the back part has many cuts still bleeding.

Based on the manifestations of pediatric diseases, doctors suspect that the baby is anesthetic due to the shock of blood loss, however, after a CT scan, the cause is thought more than due to cerebral hemorrhage. The patient is immediately transmitted with blood compensation, treatment of anti-infection of the cut and monitor the condition of cerebral hemorrhage.

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The house said, one day before the admission, saw the baby weep and her grandmother cut her. After the bleeding, the blood is at the cracks. When he suddenly finds him, the new home comes to the hospital.

According to doctors, cutting the child is not recommended because it is easy to lose blood or sepsis. It is very likely that the baby suddenly dreams that not accompanied by a fever symptom is probably due to cerebral hemorrhage because of vitamin K deficiency.

Cerebral hemorrhage due to vitamin K deficiency usually appears in children under 2 months of age, slow detection can be critical to life. According to neonatal surgeons, tu du Hospital, vitamin K need for the formation of prothrombin in the liver has an essential role in coagulation and also conditioning the synthesis of other coagulation factors. With infants, vitamin K helps in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhages, preventing anemia and hemorrhage.

Vitamin K deficiency often appears during newborn babies due to the children's intestinal bacteria not synthesize enough vitamin K, or children with biliary obstruction, digestive disorders.

Common manifestations are gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding in the skin, mucosa, nose, mouth. In addition, children can give up, cries, cry, vomiting, pale skin, convulsions, envelope.

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Cerebral hemorrhage is one of the most common causes of vitamin K deficiency that can be fatal without timely treatment. The incidence of severe cerebral palsy of this pathology is up to very high, 82.9% in the probate group. Severe symptoms for children, prolonged frequent disability in the order of the extremities, paresis, paralyzed two legs, children with a witness are also slow to develop.

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In order to lack infant vitamin K, pregnant women should compensate for vitamin K during pregnancy. When you see a child after birth, you should immediately notify your doctor to have timely vitamin K compensation.


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