7 Risks to women's health when driving

You will not be difficult to realize that after a period of driving, hearing signs may be impaired. The reason is because your ears each day are harassed by the high noise intensity of the engine, siren... Over a time will cause hearing loss. The best way to avoid these influences is to close down the car door or install the sound reduction system to improve the noise efficiency inside the vehicle.

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2. Tired Eyes

While driving, your eyes are often preoccupied with staring at the front, but also have to pay attention to rearview mirrors to look at the situation behind and in the car that makes eyes tired. Tired eyes, decreased energy will be difficult to concentrate and prone to accidents. So, when in the parking, take a close eye or blink of an eye for a moment to relieve fatigue.

4. Neck pain

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Driving is the process of muscle synthesis, the ligaments in a relatively prolonged state of stillness, therefore easy to stimulate nerves, over a period of time will cause the head, shoulders, as well as limbs occur pain, swelling of the discomfort. So do not regret giving out about 30 minutes a day to walk or run to exercise the body, restoring the state of balance and healthy for the body.

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6. Easy Skin cancer

Long-term driving makes the neck skin, arms and hands frequently exposed to the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight, which is easy to lead to cancer. Therefore, in order to ensure healthy and vibrant skin, you should adhere to a two-hour habit to apply sunscreen once. Strong burning sunlight, so try to wear long-sleeved shirts, wearing sunglasses. If you drive out of the city, it's best to bring yourself a hat.


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