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Eat any good for health?

The rule of "two hours" before and during sleep, your body enters a relaxed state. So if you eat late, your body will still have to work and not be really relaxed, even while you sleep. Moreover, lying down to go to sleep after eating a late dinner or snack at midnight then the food as well as drinks will not be intact in the location in the stomach so that the stomach acid can do its work is digestive Food. According to American medical specialists, you should stop eating at least two hours before bedtime at night. The metabolic mechanism of time of a day can not be turned back, so the metabolism of the body also begins to slowly to prepare for sleep at night, body temperature also decreases according to. Columbia University explains that a decrease in body temperature is necessary for sleep, regardless of when to sleep. If eaten late, the body still has to work, the digestive process raises the body temperature, which affects the night sleep, which makes you sleep unwell. …