Foot seizures when sleeping is a symptom of heart disease

Dr. Arshad Jahangir – expert on heart beats at the Mayo Clinic Arizona – speech: "We don't say this is a caustic relationship" that only recommends foot twitching can be heart problems that doctors and patients need to weigh into.

Dr. Jahangir and his colleagues conducted research experiments against 584 who were diagnosed with a foot convulsive symptoms of sleep. Participants are conducted an imaging test to measure the thickness of the heart and rhythm of seizure of the leg.

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Scientists have divided research participants into two groups based on the leg's convulsive rhythm. The follow-up results indicate that approximately 45% of those who suffer from foot convulsions at least 35 times per hour are more likely to suffer from a thicker heart than 55% of the remaining ones are less convulsive.

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Continuing to watch for 3 years, scientists find people with thick heart, which account for about 1/4 of the total number of participants in the study, potentially doubling the problem of heart or death.


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