More confident when psoriasis is relieved

Here is the story is recorded in the words of female doctor Pham Thi Minh Thu, Building No. 76, street 22, Muong Thanh Ward, Dien Bien City, Dien Bien province.

When I learn about psoriatic disease, I know it is very difficult to cure and is genetic, my mother also has this disease. If there is no cure, the disease will spread out, very bad, while my job needs to communicate with many people. Therefore, I am very persistent in healing, pursuing all these years.

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Healing Journey

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One morning, I watched the television and knew the needle products of a variety of functional foods that could support psoriatic treatment. I quickly get into the Internet learn about the product. For the first time I bought 5 boxes of Kangang, I bought 5 more boxes. The first time I started taking 8 tablets per day, after a month I increased to 10 tablets per day.

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Indeed, the first time to drink a needle free, I have not seen the effect, but after the 3rd month begins to be pronounced, very good. The sick place is scaly and turns red, the skin was smooth, very liked! Drink the needle exempt from 30 boxes, I leave for over a month, until 8/2010 months continue to drink.

I'm taking the 50 box, the whole body is about 80-90%! The skin almost no longer red and desquamated, shaved, turned dark brown, has the place turned white almost normal, nails, nails before the other, now in support, not burning anymore, I increased 3-4kg. Think back in time, scales are all over the skin, touching the sick where there is a lumpy, where it also loses confidence and is very afraid when anybody touched his leg. But now the hands, the legs, the head fell completely, there are only a few red dots! I feel more confident in everyday life.


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