Signs of warning ' sickness ', see immediately late

Whenever you're not healthy, your body goes back to signals that your health is problematic. For example, prolonged persistent coughing is a etiology of inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia or aggravation of cancer; Abnormal bleeding in the vagina signaling you may suffer from gynecological infections, cervical inflammation... What's new, our bodies are magical in place, always know the signals in a timely manner, so that I find a doctor in time.

The more magical you can quickly "catch" these signals even when you are asleep. Usually, an adult's sleep is considered to be quality when it lasts between 7 – 9 hours and does not wake up more than once. If you see unusual signs in your sleep, don't ignore it and need to see what the sign says. Listen to your body to know where your health matters, you'll have a way to fix that place.

Persistent snoring

You are very confident if you sleep with someone because you never let the snoring bother them. Recently, they c…

Infants also have a hemorrhagic fever shock

Parents take Vigilances

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3-day high fever should try Blood

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Analysis of the statistics on the situation of child disease in children's Hospital 1, May 6/2009 shows: hand-foot diseases, acute diarrhea, blood clots, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, mumps, eaters are reduced from 27% to 51% compared to January 5/2009. However, due to the cycle of the rainy season, dengue fever increases 30% on visits and 67% of hospitalized cases.

Also according to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, the blood test of the dengue fever pediatric disease is carried out most accurately from the 3rd day of the disease, since the phenomenon of blood and platelets decreases often begins to occur from this time. If the blood test on the first day, or the second day most often did not detect the disease. However, depending on the case the doctor may still specify a blood test earlier to exclude other infectiou…

New Hope for children with autism

Scientists conducted investigations on a group of people with ASDs (autism disorder-every 150 boys had a child with a disease). Research subjects are considered to be weak in terms of interoperability, social communication, limited focus ability, as well as frequent repetitive behaviors in life.

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Previously, gene variation in the body had also been alluded to ASDs disease, however the relation was not clearly defined. With the latest research on the structure AND of thousands of volunteers participating, the secret to the etiology of autism is newly opened.

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The largest study was conducted on approximately 13,000 people in the United States, most of them coming from the affected families of the autism disease. In Britain, scientists also conducted an investigation of over 500 people to compare the genomic code when studying the AND structure of volunteers. As a res…

Is the X Plus gene functional food good?

Should or should not be used food functional gene X Plus

Through the comedy program 2019 and many programs in television or Internet, we all know the X Plus gene is a product that helps support strengthening of the human resources in a magnetic way, helping the gentlemen to be more , making "the room life" of gentlemen more favorable.

So, before answering the question "should or should not use functional food gene X Plus?" Let's take a look at some information about the composition, usage and usage of this product.

Ingredients of the functional food gene X Plus

-600mg High three-size: according to the resource from the Vietnamese medicinal plant noted, three-size natural herbs are known as other names such as three celestial or large intestine... Three-tiered, sweet, spicy-sized sizes have an impact on the courage and kidneys, have an increased effect on intercourse and improve resistance, preventing inflammation of infections in the genitals.

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Soup should be the main dish in the meal: people need to pay special attention when eating to not be sick

In many countries of the world, soup or soups are considered the main dish on a raspberry as this is a dish prepared with a variety of nutrients, diverse in style and flavor rich. In China, the soup is popular and highly regarded by people when processed, even the dish is indispensable on the wheels of each family.

In winter, some people will be able to maintain their health care better by eating soup. This dish is not only able to improve the body temperature but also can absorb the nutrients inside effectively.

However, for the following special groups of people, if you do not pay attention to the proper feeding, this is the food that can cause unworthy health risks.

A soup dish is considered good for health because the nutritional component is very diverse, combining many food groups, soup often has a combination of greens, fish meat, spices, herbs... Should be able to see the most abundant dish on the rice wheel. But from that diversity it is a potential excess for those with disease…

How to check the food you are eating is clean or not

Choose fresh eggs: A simple and popular experiment is done with a glass of water to help you check the freshness of the egg. Drop an egg into a glass of water and observe what happens. If the egg sinks and lies sideways, it is fresh and tasty; If it sinks but stands upright at an angle, the egg is about 1-2 weeks old. And if the egg floats over the water, it's too long to be eaten. When the egg is old, the air will penetrate more through the egg shell, causing the egg to emerge.

In addition, a way to distinguish fresh eggs that are fed in the farm with conventional eggs in a grocery store. Pay attention to the color of the yolks. A farm egg with a dark red color, while the egg yolks in the store will be lighter in color.

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Choose a delicious butter: Let's peel a butter. If peeled easily and have a green part underneath, tasty butter and just cooked to. If the avocado is brown in the stalk, the avocado is ripe and you will see dark spots around the fle…

Not only to prevent cancer, eat garlic live bring 5 magic changes: You should take advantage soon!

Garlic has been seen as a noble spice in every family's kitchen cabinet. However, as of later, studies turn published a lot of garlic's effects on health, especially when they are eaten raw, using garlic not through processing.

Almost every family is available garlic, but not everyone knows how to make the most of the effect that garlic brings to health. In fact, garlic is not only a spice to create aroma in many dishes, but also a precious medicine, can cure many types of disease.

Although each reuse has different effects, however, this article shares with you about 6 great effects of garlic when we eat raw.

1. Garlic can destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation

We all know the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic thanks to the pungent flavor that we can smell or feel clear when eating.

Studies have shown that garlic is a good effect in the destruction of viruses, bacteria spread like influenza pandemic, Japanese encephalitis virus, viral hepatitis, Candida, typho…